Revolutionary Collection of Mutated Astronaut NFTS.

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Space Cadets is a revolutionary collection of 10,000 mutated astronaut NFTs. Space Cadets will be deployed and function on the Ethereum blockchain. These space-fairing NFTs will initially be available for mint via our website and trade on Opensea. With more than 350 hand drawn traits, each unique NFT is the key to unlock an incredible community, astronomical utility, and cosmic events.

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Space Cadets has collaborated with multiple projects both in and outside of the NFT space. With each collaboration, we create two unique traits for our collection as well as a 1/1 NFT. These collaborations not only allow for joint exposure but also to bring communities together.

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The team

Space Cadets was created by a devoted and passionate team of digital pioneers. With an all-star team of entrepreneurs, blockchain experts, marketing specialists, and a "Looney" Artist, we are committed to delivering a cutting-edge project and making this collection a household name in the NFT space.

Space Cadets Team member Captain Doob
Captain Doob

High Command

Space Cadets Team member Major Tom
Major Tom

Market & Legal Advisor

Space Cadets Team member DC

Engineer & Security Specialist

Space Cadets Team member Crypto Joe
Crypto Joe

Community Manager

Space Cadets Team member Looney Mascot
Looney Mascot

Graphic & NFT Designer

Space Cadets Team member Diz

Discord Moderator

Utility for Holders

Space Cadets NFT Mint

Space Cadets continue its NFT minting of the OG collection until every NFT is minted.

The Space Cadets OG NFTs gives you:

  • Whitelisting to coming collections
    • Cadet Cities
    • Cadet SpaceCrafts
  • Entree to 2 Raffles
  • Cadet Bet Gambling Platform & Royalty Integration
  • Alpha Pharaoh Raid-2-Earn royalties their first ETH white label
  • Crypto based Heatlh insurance with CryptoHealth
Cadet coin

Cadet Coin, an ERC-20 token initially developed to offer huge benefits and rewards to holders within the Cadet ecosystem will launch.

Cadet Coin will be distributed to holders of both collections for delisting after a certain amount of days of listed status, holding without listing will return you Cadet Coin each week and the greater amount of Cadets NFT‘s you own will see you earning an increase in rewards.


We‘ll be sourcing reputable exchange and wallet listings for Cadet Coin to give you the ability to exchange to other cryptocurrencies as well as easy access to your funds.

Galacto Role Play Game

Galacto is a text-based Role Play Game that will integrate our Cadet Coin and Cadet Bet Platform into an addictive, crypto-driven Discord Bot that uses your favorite Space Cadet tokens as characters. Survive, upgrade, complete quests, and battle your friends and enemies all while filling your bag. This game will be customizable for future white labels as well.

This game sets the stage for the future development of our Cadetaverse- a fully immersive Space Cadet themed web3 ecosystem where holders can bet, battle, race, own territories, win crypto and conquer the universe one planet at a time.

join the

Join our forever growing and engaging community and join us Space Cadets on our extremely rewarding interplanetary expedition through time and space.